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De Lama launch the UNIVERSALizer® - the sterilizer with unlimited sterilization possibilities

DE Lama UNIVERSALizer sterilization equipment

De Lama has just introduced their new game-changing sterilizer to the market. It can treat solids, liquids and thermo-sensitive products.

The UNIVERSALizer® is the first in the world to enable three different processes within one single piece of equipment:

  • Saturated steam sterilization

  • Air-steam mixture sterilization

  • HyPerPure® sterilization with Hydrogen Peroxide under deep vacuum

Benefits at a glance

  • Save space

  • Save Capex investment

  • Save Utilities

  • Increase flexibility

  • Future-proof your sterilization needs

  • Supports carbon reduction

The UNIVERSALizer® can also be combined in the same unit with:

  • Washing process

  • Decontamination process

Check out the video for more information...


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