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Equipment Partner

Fill Finish Technology represent the ‘best-in-class’ equipment vendors who design, innovate, and build machines for the manufacturing of sterile products. Our manufacturing heritage, coupled with both our project and technical expertise is key for Fill Finish Technology to support our clients in the delivery of the key stages of the equipment lifecycle from design, through to build, CQV and operational readiness support.

Project & Vendor Management

Delivery of project level quality system tailored to support equipment lifecycle activities. This includes expertise in concept design, procurement process, cost / schedule and project planning and risk management tools.

Installation & CQV

Delivery of GMP documentation from URS through to Design Specification documents and GMP risk-based documentation through to supporting the execution of CQV activities.

Operational Readiness

Activities supporting handover from client project team to client sustaining team. Key activities include the development of a ramp-up plan focused on ensuring training, documentation and technical support is available during this period. The goal is to ensure a smooth transition period from completion of CQV activities to commercial production.

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